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The Creator: Blair Singer

Blair Singer is a world renowned speaker and the bestselling author of Little Voice Mastery, SalesDogs and Team Code of Honor. He has trained hundreds of thousands of people around the world on the business and personal development skills and techniques necessary to excel as a leader, speaker, facilitator, trainer, and sales person.

 His training has helped multi-national organizations, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals increase their sales 15-85% in just 6 weeks. Through a mixture of mindset, communication, and sales skills training, Blair has become a leader in helping people accelerate their personal and professional success – exceeding their goals and finding the ability to expand and pursue their greatest goals and aspirations.  

His Signature Program "Sales and Leadership Mastery" has travelled around the Globe and has been held on every continent on this planet - helping thousands of entrepreneurs to uncover the best version of themselves - and their teams.

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Your Lead Trainer: Barry Mitchell

For the last 25 years Barry Mitchell has managed, built, run, broken, fixed, and maintained many Sales teams and Sales programs for his own companies and other corporates throughout Africa.

He has worked with 1000’s of individuals and 100’s of businesses to help them dramatically increase their Sales  from as little as a 20% increase in sales, to as much as 400% growth just within a few months through one-on-one interventions, group training programs, web-based training platforms & public seminars.

 In 2007, after having been done out of a R300 Million merger, Barry decided to go into the field of Sales training. It was then that he partnered with world-renowned Sales & Business trainer and Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Advisor, Blair Singer. 

Barry is now one of 4 certified trainers globally who teach the Sales and Leadership Mastery Program.

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Your Assistant Trainer: Nathalie Sabrina Dahl


Nathalie Sabrina Dahl, founder and CEO of THE VICTORY LOG (SWITZERLAND) LTD, an interactive virtual coaching platform, has been helping her clients grow their Coaching & Training Business with super speed, when she switched careers from being an Accountant to a Trainer and Motivational Speaker.

But it wasn’t always like this. 16 years ago, Nathalie Sabrina Dahl was struggling with her Horse Business, which she started without the right knowledge, tools and mentors. She nearly crashed her second Business with an Online Platform 7 years after that, when she did not have the experience to select the right investors, partners and co-workers.

After continuing to read tons of material and books about how to improve your skills and self she finally got to a break thru when she started hiring world-class coaches & mentors and attending powerful Personal Development Seminars and Workshops. 

 Coming from over 20 years of business background, she stands for programs that create results in record time, no BS and straightforward Coaching and Training. She has proven that outstanding results do not necessarily require a lot of time – and that her proven processes can recreate this success over and over again for her students, too.  

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THE VICTORY LOG - what our brand stands for



All our programs have been tested over and over again - we only give you what works. They are based on proven principles that work in various industries. 



Time is Money. WRONG. Time is more valuable than money: You can always make more money, but you cannot get more time - it is a very precious commodity.  

This is why we stand for effective & efficient programs, no BS, no Timewasters, no Bla-Bla. Just straight forward proven step-by-step processes that you can implement immediatly.



 The simpler, the better. That's why we give you templates and systems to follow so there is no guesswork and it is also duplicable and teachable. 



 It's your Results that count, and YOUR Success that matters. Therefore we offer you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for the Sales & Leadership Program. Should you be unhappy with the event, come see me in the break and I will give you your money back. 



One of our Key Credo's is: Add the most value possible to the largest number of people with  the least possible effort & cost:

Our Credo is your Benefit. Nathalie Sabrina Dahl, Founder & CEO of