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MASTER THE INNER GAME OF SALES - because Your Success Matters

Learn how to become a SALESGAME MASTERPLAYER in record time!


Would a boost in your sales performance be welcome?

Let's play! In our interactive Workshop we will play a salesgame that will teach you more in 3 hours than you have learned in 3 years studying sales at University or in School.

Based on the studies about the best way to learn thru interaction and activities, we developed a game, that is not only fun but will teach you the fundamentals of sales in a very entertaining way. 

Come and join us live on our 2 hour workshop and learn, how to handle any objection, any time so that you can immedialty close more sales and increase your conversion rate dramatically!


What participants of our workshop say

Sandra Paggen, Deutschland


Amazing how much content the trainer has put into a 2 hour workshop without overloading it!

The event "Sales Explosion" in the 4 seasons hotel in Starnberg was awesome.

I am positively surprised, how time flew by and how easy it was for me, to pay attention, because the energy of the trainer was very high. The content was well explained and the role plays were

short and memorable. Everybody learned something valuable - regardless whetere they were sales professionals or beginners.

Adrian Bauer, Switzerland


Great content considering it was only 2 hours. 2 hours that every salesperson

or soon-to-be entrepreneur should invest. I absolutely recommend this training!

Tiffany Dahl, Schweiz


This training has made it clear to me, to look after the needs of my customers
rather than "just" wanting to "get rid" of my product.  

In our live workshop we will also show you

The Technique


 A Salesprocess where people literally knock on your door - instead of you chasing after them - without agressive sales tactics 

The Method


How to use a proven methodology to convince more people of your ideas, visions, projects or products 



How to increase your revenue by 300 % within a matter of weeks - by working on 1 number in your sales process 

The Formula


The formula for successful companies, with which you can immediatly analyse every company - including your own - to identify, where you can tweak your processes to generate more sales and reduce your costs! 

Objection Handling


Are you sick and tired of hearing your prospects say "NO"?

Handling Objections is the No 1 Skill in Sales - because the more NO's you can turn into Yesses - the higher your CONVERSION RATE! 

What our students say

"I had no idea how to present myself when selling. After the sales Program I now know how to handle objections and how to sell myself, this is the biggest win I took out of the Coaching, I've grown up in this respect. Thank you very much!"

Cornelia Handschin Switzerland

The Bitcoin Granny

"I learned how to get more structured and clear in sales, it was very interactive and we had loads of practice. The biggest win was that I now know how to talk to people to be clear about the benefits."

Bjoern Uhrig, Germany

B-U Yoga & Coaching

"I learned to do sales in a very structured way, my confidence and focus on selling is way bigger - thank you!"

Caty Hendriks, Netherlands

Hendriks & Co

"Before the Salescoaching I did not know how to approach people and I was very shy. After the Program my biggest win was overcoming my fear of selling."

Tiffany Dahl, Switzerland

Founder of Fearless English

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Our Workshops are helping thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide

The techniques are being used by our team of trainers world wide and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, to increase their sales skills, so that more people can benefit from their products and services.

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Nathalie Sabrina Dahl
CEO and Founder of

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Nathalie Sabrina Dahl

is the Founder and CEO of THE VICTORY LOG (SWITZERLAND) AG, a provider of an interactive coaching platform. She is an international speaker and serial entrepreneur and she studied psychology, web design and personal development for more than 2 decades. 

Coming from over 20 years of business background, she stands for programs that create results in record time, no BS and straightforward Coaching and Training. She has proven that outstanding results do not necessarily require a lot of time – and that her proven processes can recreate this success over and over again for her students, too.  

Her specialty is the combination of business knowledge and personal development in her trainings, using “Accelerated Learning Techniques”, originally created by Dr. Georgi Lozanov. These techniques address both the left and the right brain with interactive learning methods, aiming at bringing out the best in the audience and making the learning experience entertaining, memorable and profound. 



Handling Objections is the No 1 Skill in Sales - because the more NO's you can turn into Yesses - the higher your CONVERSION RATE!

Learn & practice the simple but profound 3 step process in our complimentary 1,5 hour Online Workshop.

Next date available: October 18th, 2018 at 18.30 CEST